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Exercise Reminders - Daily Exercise Motivation Emails — Move More, More Often

Welcome to ExerciseReminders.com

Daily exercise motivation emails for real people in the real world, to help you Move More, More Often®

Janet Mather, founderHi, I’m Janet. Welcome to my website!  If you want help getting off the couch, if you are tired of feeling guilty because you don’t act on your best intentions about exercise, you’ve come to the right place.

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Research shows that receiving daily reminders helps people act on their best intentions. Just be patient if you aren’t transformed in a week or a month! It took longer than that to get where you are. Establishing new habits takes awhile, if you want them to last.

  • Many subscribers, even some highly resistant to any form of exercise, report increased activity levels and more well-being. Some report significant weight loss.

You could think of the daily reminders as a steady drip, drip, drip on the rock of your resistance, reminding you that you matter and your choices matter.

  • Unhealthy habits have a big, well-funded lobby. Temptations to choose indulgence over true self-care are all around us. These reminders are a lobby for you, gentle pressure for you to improve your health and make more positive choices!

Expect some good information, factoids, inspiring stories, new perspectives, a little life-coaching, and some chuckles. Maybe a few outright laughs!

One subscriber said, “Where else can you go every day and find some kindness? The reminders are about so much more than exercise!”